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Friday, August 24, 2012

Wednesday's Stitch and Chat

Diane has a couple of patterns in the works.  This Sassy Skein kit, Welted Fingerless Gloves in Louet Gems Sport yarn.
This is an interesting pattern called Asymmetric Cabled Wrap.  She's knitting it with Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky (one of my favorite Alpaca yarns at Westport Yarns).
She worked up a gauge swatch and got it on the first try.  I love when that happens.
Anna had made it to the V-neck on her son's sweater when she realized that she had doubled the decreases on the armholes.  She misread the pattern and thought she was supposed decrease on every row.  Damm selective reading. 

Mary had her magic bag of knitting and kept pulling projects from the long-term parking lot.  We thought this one was for a bulky poncho, but it didn't match the pattern dimensions.  She decided she didn't like the feel of the yarn anyway, so she's going to rip it out and donate the yarn.

She found a skein of yellow Encore Mega that she couldn't remember why she had.  I actually remembered this one, it was for super bulky slippers.  I know, random acts of memory and yet I can't remember where I leave my blue tooth (ever).

Marjolijn was working on her Linen Stitch scarf.  It's slow process, however the result is gorgeous.

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