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Friday, December 8, 2017

Pantone Color of 2018 is.....


Pantone has declared the Color of the Year 2018 to be Ultra Violet.

I became aware of the power of the Pantone Color of the year in 2012 when it was Tangerine Tango. We couldn't keep orange in the shop all that year. It was "tangerine tango this" and "tangerine tango that".

Since then I have watched the parade of colors go by, just shaking my head in disbelief. They almost had it in 2014 with Radiant Orchard, but that is not "my" purple.

As I took my walk this morning the Ultra Violet Flowers bloomed a little brighter. 

I am so excited at the possibilities. Purple housewares, purple clothes, and of course...

the yarn!

It's a beautiful thing. I need only look to my closet to be "in style". 

Let the purple reign begin!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Road Trip ~ Day 3 & 4

On our third day, we drove through South Carolina and landed in Jacksonville, Florida. Harry loved the scenic pond area with Turtles and Egrets.

As promised, we found a yarn store near our hotel. (Or did we find a hotel near a yarn store?)

A Stitch in time, Jacksonville, FL

It was a lovely store that reminded me (in layout) of Hook'n Needle in Westport, CT (years ago). They had knitting, crochet, and needlepoint. I had a lovely chat with the owner, Susan.

I enjoyed wandering in and out of all the rooms and finding all sorts of yarny treasures. In the end, I bought a skein of Blue Herons Cotton Rayon Seed (Worsted: 68% Rayon, 32% Cotton, 475 yards).

The BEST THING about our stay in Jacksonville was our dinner at Clark's Fish Camp . Per an article online, Clark's is "rumored to be one of the largest privately owned collections of taxidermy in the country, Clark's menagerie of preserved animals includes lions, tigers, monkeys, bears, giraffes, deer, bobcats, and a flock of birds that gaze eerily at guests in the bar area and dining rooms."

Once you get over the disturbing side of taxidermy, it was wild, literally.

To top it off, they had a live Alligator, named Lily, swimming around a tank. 

When in Rome (so to speak)... we tried fried gator tails, hush puppies, and shrimp with grit cakes. While I'm glad we tried the gator tails, I can't say I'd order them again. No, they did not taste like chicken ~ more gamey. We loved the shrimp with grit cakes!

Harry was really confused.

On Thursday, we drove to Jupiter. Harry took up his position in the back.

And made himself at home in our winter home.

Monday, December 4, 2017

While the cat's away

Thanks to Trammi for taking notes for me. The blog is in her "voice". Where I've added my 2 cents, I've changed the text italics. 😉

I finally finished something! Hooray! Beth was kind enough to “weave in the ends.” Nothing beats someone helping you feel more accomplished than you really are! ;-) Pattern: French Cowl  Anny Blatt Absolu (DK: 100% Angora, 137 yards).

I am starting On the C Train (hat pattern) using the Malabrigo Worsted Merino Yarn (Aran: 100% Merino, 218 yards) in red mahogany.

Trammi texted me later with finished photos of the hat. 

She wrote that she can wear it eight ways! She can wear with any three of the poms slouchy or cuffed. She can also turn it inside out and wear it slouchy or cuffed. Talk about versatile!

Eileen definitely enjoyed the croissants from Isabelle et Vincent—she told us she will go ANYWHERE for good food and anything cheap. She got the plastic “lace” tablecloth (which was perfect for Danni’s celebration) at such a store (one we have never heard of and I can’t remember the name). She's wearing (my) ASAP Infinity Wrap knit with Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Brush and Plymouth Yarn Gina Chunky held together. 


She was working on the StevenBe Gaga Shroud in Miss Babs Yowza (Worsted: 100% Merino, 560 yards).

Calann had to unravel her hat because it was too big. She kept saying to herself that it was "too big," but kept knitting. Whenever you find yourself questioning your knitting, stop and assess. That nagging voice has a habit of being right. At least she’s smiling rather than crying as she unraveled. Just a fact of life and knitting that sometimes you have to start over again.Yarn: Azteca Milrayes (Aran: 53% Wool, 47% Acrylic, 197 yards).

My group celebrated Danni's new partnership with Beth at Westport Yarns. Danni has her hands full with us, but I am sure she can handle it all.

Harry does not like the surf!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Road Trip ~ Day 2

Harry was ready for the day's travel.

 Is it a bracelet? Is it a ruler? It is both, it's a wrist ruler. It's what all the best dressed knitting nerds are wearing.  Can't find a tape measure? Look to your wrist.

 After knitting 11" on my Making Waves Poncho  in Anzula For Better or Worsted (Worsted: 100% Merino, 200 yards), I decided to work on something else.

To keep it interesting, I timed myself knitting my Flap Happy Two during yesterday’s travels. I know what you're thinking, no one knows how to have a good time like I do.

360 miles and 4 hours later the hat was done. No, we did not drive 90 miles an hour, I used a stop watch. Yarn: Katia Azteca Milrayes (Aran: 53% Wool, 47% Acrylic, 197 yards). All day I was trying to think of what this color (#704) reminded me of, 

when it finally hit me - snow cones!


 Later on Harry took up his position in the back, looking out the window.

We drove through 3 states: Virginia, North Carolina, finally stopping in South Carolina. At the end of the day, we were treated to seeing someone wearing fuzzy monster slippers at a Wendy's. I couldn't help but think that they match the hat I knit.😜

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Road Trip ~ Day 1

I struggle with packing whether it's a weekend, a week, or in this case months!  I think I struggle with what projects to bring more than the clothes!

Harry has been anxious all week as we began packing. He sat on the bed while I laid out clothing and would put his chin on each new pile of clothing I laid out. The minute we put his bed in the car, he leaped into the car and settled into his bed. No commands necessary!

I feel like I'm traveling with kids again, I have a bag just for him filled with his bowls, old toys, new toys and special treats.

We covered 300 miles and 6 states: Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and stopped in Alexandria, Virginia.

Harry is loving the sights and smells. 


We stopped in Baltimore for seafood and Harry got served water on a silver platter!

You may be wondering why we chose Alexandria as our first stopover. Well, that's easy, I wanted to visit Fibre Space! Joe has (graciously) given me a 10 mile off the highway yarn store boundary. I tried to fit two stores in one day, but that was pushing it. Isn't this the cutest building. I love the chairs out front. Charming.

The store was filled with interesting yarns, samples, and notions. I thoroughly enjoyed wandering around.  In the end, I bought Debbie Bliss Eco Baby Cotton for a baby gift.  I would've done more damage had I not been to Rhinebeck. Fibre Space carried Miss Babs and Neighborhood Yarns ~ both of which I bought at Rhinebeck.

Harry's next adventure was the hotel room.  HE LOVES IT! What a big puppy grin!

And after a long day of travel we settled in for snoozing and knitting while watching Netflix.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

After the party...


After we ate and drank at my going away party, we did get down to some knitting.

Trammi was knitting the French Cowl in Anny Blatt Absolu (DK: 100% Angora, 137 yards). She is knitting them up for gifts.

There was a run on pompoms for my Rock the Pompom hat. Trammi found a beautiful mauve pompom and I found a rich color of Malabrigo Worsted to go with it (Aran: 100% Merino, 210 yards).

Calann, Eleanor and Mallory picked the same color of Azteca Milrayes for the Rock the Pompom hat (Aran: 53% Wool, 47% Acrylic, 197 yards).

Eleanor is also knitting the Katia Infinity Shawl in Katia Infinity Shawl Yarn (Fingering: 656 yards). She's looking forward to the colors unfolding as the shawl progresses. 

Eileen is knitting the Linus Shawl in Miss Babs Estrellita (Fingering: 92% Merino, 8% Metallic, 400 yards). This is a great, easy pattern for an asymmetric shawl and it can work for any weight yarn, you just have to adjust the needle size.

Cornelia's Easy Folded Poncho, which is really going to be a wrap, is off to the finisher to be blocked. Yarn: Modern Cotton (DK: 60% Cotton, 40% Rayon, 335 yards).

She is swatching for her next Customfit sweater in Manos del Uruguay Alegria (Fingering: 75% Merino, 25% Nylon, 445 yards).


Cornelia wore her first Customfit sweater that she knit in Malabrigo Worsted. She has accessorized beautifully, of course.

Jane is knitting the Oscar Cowl by Danni in KFI Luxury Collection Albina (Bulky: 80% Nylon, 20% Polyester, 383 yards). It's a Westport Yarns pattern free with purchase of the yarn.

Cindy cast on for a Simple Gathered hat from the Simple & Easy Hat for the Whole Family.

Allison finished another Tucker Hat holding Plymouth Baby Alpaca Chunky double (Bulky: 100% Baby Alpaca, 110 yards). We all loved how her pompom came out.

Calann checked in on her Tressage Sweater, she's knitting one of the sleeves. Yarn: Anzula Squishy (Fingering: 80% Merino, 10% Cashmer, 10% Nylon, 385 yards).

I re-measured her swatch, for the life of me, I cannot remember what she is knitting. Which is fine, because she couldn't remember what I said when I measured the same swatch last week. 😏

Apparently Harry held that pose for 10 minutes.