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Monday, November 15, 2010

Abby had all the pieces complete for her Raglan Baby Sweater (by Lynn Wilson). She knit it in Tahki Torino Bulky. She sewed all the raglan seams together and picked up for one of the front borders. She has really cute sailboat buttons for the sweater.
Lauren's son got into her knitting and pulled out the needle. Thankfully it didn't run. She knit most of this piece while we were sitting together. She got progressively better and more even as she knit. We learned that she has to tension the yarn around her left finger or her knitting is super loose.
Mary is taking the (Elizabeth Zimmerman) Mystery Mittens class at Westport Yarns with Lynn Wilson. They are knit flat and seamed together at the end.
Very cool. You have to admire the mind that could come up with that.

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