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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Round Robin Knitting

We've come to that part of the show where I discover I have way too many projects started. They are in various stages of completion and the queue of what I want to work on next is bumping up against these wip's (works in progress).

It's the knitting ADD in me. I get enticed by a project or a yarn, start, work in earnest and then the next enticing project or yarn come along. Or, perchance your husband asks you to make a baby gift for a business associate (which I am very happy to do). Then you happily present the baby hat (with matching bonus socks).
It is at this point he mentions that there are two siblings and can I make them hats too. Of course I can. I'm grateful thought that my ninja knitter is going to make one of the hats.

I've made a list of wips, projects in short-term parking, and things I want to make for upcoming classes or just because.

That's a long preamble to what I call round robin knitting. I spend a little time every day on several projects.

In no particular order...
I'm at the sleeves now for dd's sweater. Wendy Bernard's book Custom Knits has been instrumental in my designing this sweater. I'm working a very simple crocheted edge through the back loops. The yarn is Cascade Ultra Pima.
I'm still having lots of fun with my Tunisian Entrelac Koigu Scarf by Dina Mor. We're planning to offer this as a class at Westport Yarns.
I finished Sweet Jazz by Samantha Roshak. You can't really see in the picture that there are pretty flecks of purple and different shades of blue. I could see doing this one again in a more visibly variegated yarn. I knit it in Oak Grove Studio Pearl Sox, colorway "Hair"; I bought the yarn in Rhinebeck last year. Woo Hoo, finished a Rhinebeck acquisition project!
Tonight I met with (Not Just Plain) Jane so that I could learn this little fidgety technique she has for finishing the Starry Night Shawl. I want to get that blocked and done so I can enjoy it this holiday season.

It feels good to finish a couple of things. I have to make room for a couple of class samples as wells last minute holiday gifts. I know I'm going to be gift wrapping works in progress. Double the gifting sensation.

Thankfully the family wants relatively small things: convertible mittens (2), headband, slippers for dh modeled after Christine's Stay-On booties, and a cabled Tam. It still doesn't ensure a timely gift because they only reached this conclusion recently. (Although who am I kidding? I'd still be knitting them last minute.)


Anonymous said...

I love the baby socks! Did you use the sock pattern from your Welcome Baby Gift Set?

Ann said...

pretty, pretty.
Actually finishing a Rhinebeck project? What a novel idea!