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Thursday, August 5, 2010

A post with no name

Elizabeth "wowed" us with her finished blanket. She was part of a Ravelry knitting exchange of squares. A moderator would send out the pattern and you would make 2 of the same square, one you'd keep and one went to a designated person in the group.

In her blanket, the square on the top left of each larger square is the one she made. She also knit the solid squares. It looks just beautiful.

Elizabeth worked on the crocheted edging of her Wisteria Shawl. It's taking a little creative adjusting and will be gorgeous when done.
Abby finished all the separate components of her Origami V-Neck t shirt, Bondi. She learned the mattress stitch and how to pick up stitches and knit the neckline ribbing.
Linda proudly shared her Chloe sweater. She finished the increasing for the sleeves and joined it together to complete the body. The yarn is Berroco Comfort worsted.
Sherry is the 4th person to crochet the Shell Game Vest and hopefully I'll be able to publish it when she's done.
She shared her Crocheted Clapochet. The yarn she used was Symphony (worsted weight) from Prism Yarns in the "Orchard" color. Her Clapochet was 11" x 50" on a G hook. The pattern used worsted weight yarn said the finished product should be 18" x 72" on a J hook. Interesting.

Sherry is happy with the size of her scarf, it suits her and it is beautiful.

Michelle swatched with both Seduce and then Origami to make the Kiama jacket from Berroco. Inexplicably she had to go down from a 9 needle to a 3 needle to get any where near gauge. Guess what she's not using to knit this jacket?

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