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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On the Road Again

So how many projects do you take with you when you go away on a weekend trip? For me? Well, are there ever really too many? There can certainly be too few.
I took 5 projects with me. I think that constitutes almost every thing I had on hooks and needles that was portable.
The first project I took out to knit (in the car) were these 2 @ time toe up basic socks. That didn't last too long when I realized I had them on the wrong needle. How would that happen you might ask? I had pirated the needle for another more pressing knit project and didn't write down the needle I was on. I took a guess and found out it wasn't a size #1. This was a mindless project that then got tossed into the back seat. The yarn is from Knit One Crochet Too, Sox Appeal.
I finished my second Skew sock. This pattern is truly a marvel of sock engineering. I would definitely knit this sock again. The yarn is Lucy Neatby's Celestial Merino.
I finished the last 2 motifs for my Starry Night Shawl.
I didn't work on my Koigu Mitered Square Pillow. As for the fifth project, that was sewing the seams on a sweater I had hibernated last summer. I started seaming it while away and finished it when I got home. All in all it was a productive knitting weekend!

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