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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another gorgeous shrug, knit in Minnow Knits Cotton Tail and Tahki Stella (must do the Stella yell), by Sunaina. I love how happy she is. I can't wait to hear how her sister liked it.
She finished her Chloe sweater in one color (Minnowknits Cotton Tail). So freaking cute, with lady bug buttons.

She dutifully knit 2 swatches for sweaters she is going to knit for her parents. A kimono style jacket for her mother and a vest for her dad.
Lois swatched for another Soft and Drapey shrug, this one in Cadiz.
Noreen just joined us for the first time today and got a refresher on the mattress stitch for sewing a sweater together.
Elizabeth began row 2 of the lace border of her Wisteria Shawl.
Mary put stiff interfacing in the handles and she's going to sew them on the outside because the stripes play nicely with the colored squares. The pattern calls for several crocheted flowers. The village discussed it and voted on a small flower on each of the handles at the base with a button in the center. Larger flowers would get kind of squished when the bag gets used.
Mary tried on my All Shawl (by Doris Chan) to decide on size. Mine has 8 panels and since she wants to be able to drape it over her shoulder, she went with 10 panels.
She's crocheting hers in Berroco Origami.

And Robin, I/we keep forgetting to get a picture of your Wallaby's progress!

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