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Friday, July 31, 2009

I ran late, there seems to be traffic no matter which way I travel. When I got there, Mary was just getting up to find some unsuspecting girl/woman to try the garter on that she's knitting for her soon to be daughter-in-law. This could've "so" ended badly. However, it is Mary and she soon came back (without being trailed by any authorities), with having tried the garter on a woman who's appeared to be the right size. AND, she snagged coupons on the way.
We discussed the merits of knitting another leaf motif or just blocking it out to size. Elizabeth came up with the brilliant idea of gift wrapping it in progress and measuring it on the garter girl herself. Again, brilliant! With beads, ribbon, and elastic at the ready Mary will be able to totally personalize the fit.
Mary worked on the i-cord for her felted bag. She came up with the idea of having 2 different sets of straps on the bag. The felted straps that will be the longer straps and plastic purple handles as well. She's just about ready to felt it.
Linda shared her progress on her shrug. It looks great and I can tell she's enjoying knitting a non-wallaby for a change of pace.
The first 2 wallaby's she knit were in a white acrylic yarn from her mother's stash. She wanted to work in some of the same yarn into the wallaby's knit in other yarns to carry the connection to her mother. She knit a white stripe in above the sleeve ribbing and she'll add one in at the hood.

I had my first drop in, Susan who is the daughter of a woman I remember from Knit Together. She's visiting from California and was working an Intarsia table runner. It was bunching up. We took it out and she learned how to strand the yarn more evenly and wrap the yarns when she changes colors.


knittingcentral.com said...

dear mary

i made this garter for my niece's wedding just about a month ago. i did not have to add any more motifs. she was a size 2. i am clearly not, but it fit me as well. even though it didn't call for elastic, the stitch seems to give enough that the size is more flexible than you would think
good luck

knittingcentral.com said...

hi mary

i made the same garter for my niece's wedding last month. she is a size 2. i did not work any extra motifs and it fit fine. i am certainly "not" a size 2, but it fit me as well. even though there is no elastic required, the stitch's elasticity seems to allow for many " thigh sizes."

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