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Friday, January 11, 2013

Wednesday Stitch and Chat

The common thread (can't help the pun) is still "I haven't picked up my knitting in a long time". Holidays can be wonderful, however, they definitely put a damper on knitting time.
Marjolijn picked up her Koigu Linen Scarf.  She decided rather than change the (3) colors every two rows, she is going to work a section without the red, then do the same red stripe sequence shown here, another section without red, and finish up with the red sequence.  You get all that?  I think it's going to look really cool.
Elizabeth brought the Mountain Nettle Shawl knit with Fibre Company Acadia (dk weight, 60% Merino, 20% Silk, 20% Alpaca, 145 yards).  The is stitch pattern is very subtle.  It's very pretty with the Acadia yarn.  Just the right balance of stitch pattern and yarn texture.
She was at the step in her Caffe Vest where the pattern called for picking up the armhole stitches, knitting two rows flat, and THEN seaming the underarm.  She questioned why they wouldn't sew the underarm first and then pick up and knit the armhole border in the round.  The pattern is marked as "easy".  It's my guess that they chose to have the knitter do it in this order to keep it designated as easy. 
Diane made excellent progress on her top down baby sweater.  She was happy that she started it over, her stitches were much neater and the eyelets looked more even.  Today she put the armhole stitches on waste yarn so she could knit the body.
Lauren brought her Lima scarf.  She's past the halfway mark.  We joked about it being a three year project.  I think it will be just two years.  Apparantly her husband gives her "a look" if she's knitting something other than his scarf.  She'll have to knit her capelet when he's not home.  Stealthy knitting.
Mary was working on her White Caps cowl.  We joined it in the round and then she carefully knit a couple more rows to make sure it didn't twist.

So here was the funny thing and I hope it will come through in translation.  Mary had two copies of two patterns from Purl Bee.  They became intermingled.  Luckily she caught it when the pattern page she looked at called for knitting in ribbing when she knew the project she was working on was all circular stockinette.

When I asked her for the right page of the right pattern (to check something for her), I was chided that I was a really demanding teacher. ;)

See the cute little purple stapler?  I have carried this cute little office set in my stitch and chat bag for easily 3 years.  Today was the first time I ever used it.  I stapled one of her patterns together once it was separated from the intermingled stack.  You never know when these things will come in handy.

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