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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Knit, Swirl

Knitting finished, ready to weave in ends.
Random ladybug on the kitchen table!
 The minute I finished I pinned it together 
with locking stitch markers 
and tried it on.  I couldn't wait.  
If you look in the bottom left corner, 
you'll see that Tucker photo bombed my picture!
The only place this would fit to soak was the kitchen sink!
I blocked it out using the schematic in the book and blocking wires.  As you can see the sweater had to continue on two tv trays!  I put a fan on the sweater to quicken the drying process. It worked like a charm.  The sweater was dry in 36 hours.



Ann said...

It looks great!

hello, Tucker.

Bagchick said...

Looks fabulous, can't wait to see in person!

Jill said...

Beautiful work. The sweater looks great on you! Your color choice is perfect.