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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Magical Mystery Tour

To be fair, I see a lot of things I want to knit everywhere:  at the store, Ravelry, online magazines, other knitters, and magazines.  I am constantly collecting patterns for future knitting.

Then there comes along a sweater that pushes itself to the front of the line.  A pattern that totally excites my imagination and captivates me with with it's color and design.

Are you waiting with bated breath?
The answer is, Krazy Kurti by Myra Wood.  This sweater leaped off the pages of the magazine.

I am smitten.  This sweater has a little bit everything:  mitered squares, mulitdirectional knitting, different stitch patterns, and awesome color.  I know this isn't for everyone, however, I am one happy camper.

The best part is (other than knitting it) that it will be a class at Westport Yarns.
I started with one of the quilt blocks in the center.  Myra has the template in the pattern with a note to enlarge it 400% to make it actual size.  Brilliant!
 My friend Noreen gave me these blocking squares that look like a kids puzzle.  Perfect timing.  I placed the template on the board and a piece of saran wrap over it.  Then I pinned the pieces onto the template where they belong.  I was pretty happy with myself over this.
One quilt block blocked and sewn.
I finished 1 mitered square strip.  If you're wondering if the bottom 2 squares look slightly larger than the top 4, you would be right.  That, my friends would be the difference of knitting at the beginning of the day and knitting at the end of the day.  The answer to this little idiosyncrasy?  It will block out.
This weekend, the second quilt block!  I hope you'll join me on this Magical Mystery Tour!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing! A sweater I would knit in a moment if I had any winter in my life.
Love, Mom