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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wednesday's Stitch and Chat

Robin is knitting a hooded, cabled scarf in Malou. The stitch definition of the cable is great and the yarn is super soft. She is loving working with this yarn. Last year she knit my Infinity Wrap in it. I may have to knit something up in this.
She is working her stash and found a cute pattern for a snake scarf. Robin has two grandsons that this would be perfect for.
Diane has finished the sleeves on her Flared Jacket knit with Bergere Eclair. It turns out that although her stitch gauge is correct, her row gauge is a little tighter. That means she'll eat up more yarn. It's still better to have the stitch gauge and compensate for the row gauge by knitting to the inches required rather than the row count.
Shirley joined us today. We go way back to the Knit Together days. She came into Westport Yarns last week with her daughter, Sophia. Sophia had charged her with knitting her a hat, sweater, and gloves (or was it mittens?). Anyway, as you can gather this young lady knew exactly what she wanted, a red hat. When I showed her this red Cascade 220 superwash, she said "it's perfect". That was adorable and a relief!

When Shirley came on Wednesday, she was at the point where you switch to double points.
She finished it later that day and rewarded me with this terrific picture of a happy Sophia modelling her perfect red hat. Well done ladies!
Elizabeth is considering making the Trio of Curlicues scarf for one of her daughters. We played around with the order of the yarns because the color on the right is the favorite color. In the end the first color on the left was voted off the scarf and she's going to use the darker color twice.
Michelle, Elizabeth, and Mary are crocheting a cowl in Berroco Seduce. Michelle and Elizabeth were swatching/starting today. Who's idea was it to use black?
Michelle has finished the fronts and the back of her Mirasol Nuna sweater. She was concerned that they weren't all knit to the same length. The tape measure was playing tricks on us. When measured one piece was an inch off. When laid against each other, it was fine. Nothing a little blocking can't cure.
Finally, because we are a full service knitting group, Michelle brought in a flavored water, Ice, that she discovered. She was prepared with dixie cups and we had a tasting. We tried Black Raspberry, Lemon-Lime, and Strawberry-Kiwi. The favorite was Lemon-Lime followed by Black Raspberry.

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