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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weekend Update

It kept gnawing at me. My stitch definition in my (top down) miley tee, by Cheri Christian, was not looking the way I would like it too. I'm using the Mirasol Nuno yarn, which I love. It's soft and has a subtle sheen, great color. I just wasn't happy with it.

Yesterday while playing musical yarns at Westport Yarns, I started thinking about changing the yarn for my tee. Rearranging yarn always does this to me. I rediscover yarns and start thinking about (new) projects.
I really enjoyed knitting with Elsbeth Lavold's Silky wool when I knit my Jackie by Cheri Christian. I was torn between two colors (could be a country knitting song).

Bristol Red Old Lilac

The village voted for the Bristol Red. Michelle made a good point about the red being a better top over jeans, the purple would blend in too much.

So, contrary to what you might expect, I chose the Bristol Red. To me it's really more of a raspberry.

I figured I would be able to jump right in without a gauge because I would have knit one for the Ruffled Tee. Would you believe that when I looked back on my ravelry page for the ruffled tank, I didn't write down the needle I used. Seriously?! That's the whole point of the project page. Sheesh.
I was immediately happier with this choice and since taking this picture I've knit past the yoke and am well into the body of the sweater.

1 comment:

Ann said...

No needle? What a silly oversight that I could totally see myself making.

All the yarns look lovely.