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Monday, March 14, 2011

This Week's Stitch and Chats

YAY! Michelle is back. She didn't knit too much while she was away (I never understand that). She knit another cowl in Jawoll Magic sock yarn. Great colorway.
Michelle is in the process of knitting the Criss Cross Shrug in Pure & Simple Bridgetown Brown.
It has a kind of funky shape.
Diane stopped by with a question about her Curlicue Shawl, knit in Mini Mochi Autumn.
Bethany only learned to knit this week and has begun a baby blanket knit in strips. Well Done!
Linda is working on the Noro Vest, that I knit earlier this year. She's using yarn she was gifted with Taria Tweed yarn as the ribbed borders. The colors look great together.

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