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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Making Progress

Since I wrote the post "Something's Gotta Get done", I've been exercising project monogamy.
The good news is I've completed the reversible scarf in Lang Yak yarn for my upcoming class.
My Tunisian scarf in Prism Manhattan which I love!
I also completed the broom stick sample for my upcoming intro to broom stick lace class.
I've also finished the Borealis neck warmer and written the pattern, it just needs a good photo.

Not bad for a week's work.

Oh, and the bad news is that project monogamy is BORING. Ok, got that off my chest.


Nancy said...

Thank goodness for your last lines - I was going to start worrying that you were not human! I personally enjoy the Project orgy mentality.

Pam said...

I'm itching to start new projects. Just a couple more "have-to's", then I'm off and running.

Ann said...

Stay faithful!
You will be so much happier to see a big pile of FOs.
Says the one who hasn't knit a stitch in days and days.