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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Starry, Starry Night

This week at Jane's Starry Night Shawl class we worked on grafting (aka using the kitchener stitch) the hexagon motifs together.
The stitches on each end of the hexagons are left live and then lined up to kitchener together. It's the type of technique where you can't have any distractions, you need good light, and you realize when you're done that you've been holding your breath.
The result being a seamless join, it looks like it was knitted together.
The smallest number of stitches that were "kitchenered" together were 17 to 17.
The larger areas to join were comprised of 85 stitches to 85 stitches. It's really like walking a tight rope. You have to have exactly the same number of stitches on each needle. We were urged to count and recount because taking out the kitchener stitch is a bear.
This morning I finished adding three more motifs to the shawl. I have 6 more to add (3 to each side). I apologize to whoever called me this morning. You just don't get up while you're in the midst of kitchenering.

This shawl is one of my favorite's of Jane's. It is a marvel and it is magical.

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