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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Finishing Mode

As spring kicks in (or as in tomorrow's weather forecast, a glimpse of summer) I feel the need to finish some projects that have been hanging around for a while. We've been getting lots of new yarn in at Westport Yarns, beautiful cottons, bamboo, and blends. I want to knit them all.

So here's what's on my hooks and needles agenda to finish:
The Barcelona Shawl by Kristin Omdahl, featured in the City Crochet Booklet by Tahki, knit in Cotton Classic Lite. This will be a class starting the end of May.
I'm actually closer to the finish line than this picture shows. I've crocheted the edges and woven in all the ends. I'm going to sew short side seams and I think add a button loop closure. After it's been tested, I'll post the pattern. The vest will need a name though, suggestions welcome.
I'm excited to finish my Skew socks by Lana Holden (featured on Knitty). The yarn is Celestial Merino. The sock is a lot of fun, bit of a mind bender though. We're going to offer this as a class this spring/summer too.

Next on the queue:

Michelle and I are going to pick a lace pattern to work on together and I have a couple of design ideas rattling around.

I also have 2 sweaters hibernating from last summer. One of them has made the hibernation circuit 3x. I like the yarn and the pattern too, I just get distracted by new yarns and that sweater is out of sight.

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Jennifer said...

I love the Skew socks. I was at Sock Summit in the class when Amy Singer went "WOW" over them and accepted them for the Knitty site. It was pretty exciting to be there and see Lana get accepted and everyone oohed and aahed over the creativity of these socks. (Good class to offer at the LYS, BTW)