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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Knit & That

Yesterday I broke a size 0 dpn while working on Danni's mittens. (This bears no reflection on the pattern, I love it). I knit most of the mitten on #0 magic loop which was great. I had to switch to dpns for the thumb.

In retaliation (to no one in particular) I began the Cabled Mock Capelet by Dina Mor. That is on #17 needle and holding 3 strands of Nuvola together.
I got gauge on the #17, however when I compared it to the store sample, my rows appear to be much shorter. I'm glad I picked up 2 extra skeins for good measure. This happened with Danni's mitten too.

and..., tada........

the sweater fits perfectly and was a big hit!

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