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Monday, November 23, 2009

Hats Off

I finished my third Spiral Hat this weekend.
I'm really enjoying this pattern (even if I do say so myself).
I found yarn in my stash that fit Thing #2's color request of purple and black, and began hat #4. What are the odds that, I, of all people would have purple/black yarn in my stash.
Michelle found a picture of a hat she liked and that led to a new design, aptly named "Michelle's Hat". It'a a combination of crocheted squares and a knit crown.
She will get the dubious honor of testing knit/crocheting the hat.

I had this random thought that I would knit/crochet all my pattern samples in purple, like a trademark. Upon reflection though, I decided that might get obnoxious to people who aren't fond of purple and deter them from my patterns. It's a fun idea though.


rachel said...

Very cute spiral hat! and...go for the purple thing. I think that would be cool

Ann said...

Unless they are flipping through a dedicated book, they won't see them all at once.
Well, I guess they would be in your sidebar...