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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

There was quite a diverse range of projects today. It was a little intense (a good intense) at one point when I played round robin with everyone to see where they were at with their projects.
YAY! Danielle is back. We missed you! She's 2 squares away from completing her Manos afghan. She had been working on it when she was pregnant and it kind of got tucked away since. We applied some "forensic knitting" to the process to see where she left off.
Her Knitty Topaz dress is adorable, this was her first real foray into Intarsia. Of course I'm partial to the colors.
Danielle decided to knit a Flap Happy Hat in the same colors, just reversing the main color to be pink and working in some garter rounds like on the hem of the dress. It makes a cute accent. Hmmm, new design element.
Lois is delighted that Diane bought Rowan Lima yarn and introduced it to her by knitting up a sweater in it. It is definitely one of my favorite new yarns this season. Here's her swatch for the Soft and Drapey shrug. The narrow row accent will be the Ritratto. It will look fabulous with jeans. Lima has cast the same spell on me too. I love the hunter green color which is a definite step outside of my purple box. I might even make myself the shrug with it. It would be incredibly soft and cozy (the winter version of the soft & drapey shrug)
She finished knitting her Silk Garden diagonal scarf. I gave her a refresher on single crochet to to work as a border edge to keep it from curling so much.
Diane, having finished turning her heel, began picking up the gusset and working the decreases. I think this is one of the new colors of Artyarns Supermerino.

So Becky bought the Como Ribbed Cape sample from Knitting Niche when they went out of business (picture on the right). She also bought the pattern and is knitting it up in a beautiful Caribbean color multi). I modelled the knits for Becky. Can I pull of this look? It's really soft in the Como.

Margarite learned how to knit in the thumb gusset and is quite happily almost done with one glove. She's already started the other glove. Next up, thumbs. The 2 colors of Blue Sky Alpaca Sport look very good together.
Mary, who we've missed for a couple of weeks now, had a lot of projects in her magic bag. There was a poncho that mysteriously accumulated 202 sts, when it should only have 120. Do over there.

Above is a picture of her Multidirectional scarf in Artyarns Silk Pearl. The village likes it as is. Mary, however, hasn't been happy with it since she started it in class. She really wants it to be a tighter knit so she's going down a needle size. She also decided to knit a second scarf in a Mango Moon yarn.

She had a Koigu sock that peaked out, it was at the same point as Diane was in her sock and the colors were similar too.
She did finish knitting up a Miniature Mitten on size 00's. Real knitters persevere despite how small their needles need to be. She's going to knit up a bunch of miniature knits to use as tags on gifts and little ornaments for trees. A couple of years ago, I made them into key chains as gifts.

And that, is that for today's knitting group. I did manage to knit a few more rows in the Pearl Rhapsody Starry Lace Scarf and got halfway into the next tier on my entrelac shawl.


Nancy said...

Go for the green yarn (green looks great with purple!)

All Beavercreek Residents said...

That Como Cape! yummmm! Trish from Tanglewood fiber Creations