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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And now comes blocking time.

Yay! Finished the Dianna shawl this morning and weaved in all the ends. I might get to wear it while there are still leaves on the trees.
Pre-blocking it measured 47" across wingspan and 20" from top to bottom point.
After blocking, it measures 64" across wingspan and 30" from top to bottom point. It was looking a little lopsided when I was 3/4 way across. I think my enthusiasm for blocking was waning (or is it waxing...wait dictionary on computer...waning it is). I got out the ruler and measured each square to make sure they had the same length.

I have just a little bit of yarn left and will attempt a single crochet border. Can't decide if I will pick up another ball if I don't have enough. Still loving this colorway and would have enough for a one-skein scarf if I did get another ball.
Boris is giving me a standing ovation.

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Jennifer said...

Pam - it's gorgeous. Nicely done. Love Boris' standing ovation. That's entirely too cute!