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Monday, September 21, 2009

One of these things is not like the other

In keeping with my goal to work with the beautiful things I got at Rhinebeck last year, I pulled out needle felting I bought from Decadent Fibers. I was totally captivated by the woman doing a needle felting demonstration.
Following the directions, I pulled off a strip for the core of the pumpkin and needled that into shape.

Then I teased different shades of roving together and needled them onto the core.
Continuing on...tada!!!
Thing #2 saw the pumpkins, and being that she not only thinks outside the box, but lives outside the box, she wanted a pumpkin in these colors:
Who am I not to comply? She actually asked me to make her something!
Conclusion: I am definitely enjoying this new craft (my husband was speechless and just shook his head). I don't see it becoming an obsession. Of course I love the different colors of roving that are out there - that's a collection waiting to happen. I'm going to have to control myself there and think yarn instead.


Nancy said...

I love the Pumpkins, almost as much as Candy Corn! When can we see the technicolor pumpkin?

Pam said...

It was in the middle of the 2 orangey pumpkins.