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Friday, November 3, 2017

Post Rhinebeck Confessions

Spotted at Rhinebeck, I need this bag.
I love Rhinebeck. 

Nancy wearing Albuquerque Sunset.
I love the pageantry of people in their best knits,

Fried Artichokes.
the food, 

the animals,

Into the Whirled
 and not the least of which - the YARN.

Miss Babs
Some Vendors were a wee bit overcrowded.

That was a little scary.

Fiber Optics Yarn
Although I did have a list of patterns in need of yarn, I did come home with one random skein of yarn from Fiber Optics. This beauty combined my "go to" purple with a gorgeous rich brown. I stepped right outside of my color box.

Now here are my Post-Rhinebeck confessions. I did run amok both in food and yarn. I enjoyed very minute of it.

Moroccan Magique

Albuquerque Sunset

 I fought my way through Miss Babs' booth with a single mission in mind.  I handed Nancy all my worldly possessions. I kept my phone for emergencies ~ the booth was THAT crowded. After seeing how Nancy's Albuquerque Sunset came out, I had to knit it.  It's that whole copy my sister thing.

Rose Gold


Catch and Release
It is a wonderful bounty. I am, however, feeling the gravitational pull of the projects in progress.  I must finish a few things before casting on for something new. The questions is, which one will I choose? I'm open to suggestions.

 I did show some self control. I did not bring home a puppy.

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