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Friday, June 23, 2017

What was I thinking?

With the hot/humid weather comes the need for air conditioning. My husband and I long ago divvied up household jobs into Man-sh!t and Woman-sh!t. It may seem sexist, however, it really works for us.  Although I certainly CAN use tools if needed (thanks, Dad), I'm happy to leave that to him. He could do laundry even though he deliberately sabotaged a load of laundry with a red shirt (thirty years ago).

Among the jobs in the house that fall under Woman-sh!t, is changing the air conditioning filters.  Yes, I know it would seem like it should fall under Man-sh!t.  The reason it falls to me is that I need the air conditioning in working order more intensely than he does AND it requires going up into the attic.

This is a very, very long preamble into the true subject of this post.

While in the attic taking care of the filter, I came upon two blanket-sized plastic zip bags filled with hand-knit items long forgotten. I tossed them down the attic ladder and had a look.


They were all from the novelty yarn fad that spanned (approximately from) 2003-2006. 


I haven't seen this much eyelash, ribbon, and frippery calling itself yarn in over ten years and I was good with that.

There was one shawl I felt the need to make not once,


but twice in the same white medley,


and a third time in blues. Full disclosure, I still like the shaping of this shawl, just not the materials I chose!


Sigh! Thankfully I was able to give it ALL away.  

Ok, let's go with the quote above.

However, if I ever and I mean EVER brandish a skein of fluffy, eyelash yarn with all kinds of bits hanging off, take it away and hit me with it!

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Mom said...

Love it! You just get better and better!