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Friday, October 16, 2015

Pre-Rhinebeck Review

Much like spring cleaning and changing clothes for the next season, I like to look over the yarn I bought last year at Rhinebeck to see if I knit with any of it.  There have been some years (I'm embarrassed to say) that I haven't knit with a single skein.  My sister has made a point of knitting with her yarn (what a concept) and that has guilted me in action.

Since I like to have a plan when I go to Rhinebeck, all but one skein were bought with a pattern in mind. That being said....

Initially Dragonfly Pixie was going to grow up to be Inner Peace. Somewhere along the line I changed my mind. Now I am in the midst of knitting Big Damn Heroes.  It's the kind of pattern I really need to knit without distraction.  Needless to say it's slow going.  I live in distraction city.  Let's be honest here, I'm my own personal distraction regardless of the kids/dogs/husband/job. Need I go on?

The Polydactyl set I got from Miss Babs was going to be Tubularity. I'm not as convinced anymore.

The skein from Blue Ridge Yarns called Kaleidoscope Worsted is next up on the design table.  There was no plan for this skein. It was pretty, all my favorite colors, and Nancy said I could buy it. 

I was going to knit Reverse Psychology with he Paintbox Gradient of Footnotes yarn from Fiber Optic Yarns (Fingering: 80% Merino, 20% Nylon, 450 yards). The paintbox consists of 15 min-skeins of 30 yards each.

Then I got it into my head that I wanted to design a pattern for it (and other gradient kits).  Since I seem to thrive on 11th hour projects, I set about to do this a couple of weeks ago. My dear sister, Nancy and friend Robbie were kind enough to indulge me and take on test knitting the pattern. The end result,

meet Karma Chameleon.   

It is a reversible infinity scarf. The fluted rib stitch is wonderfully stretchy allowing the scarf to be worn long or wrapped twice.

The pattern consists of two rows that are easy to memorize and read so you don’t have to keep referring back to the pattern. The perfect pattern for mindless knitting while traveling, watching tv, or hanging out with friends.

Dragonfly Fibers gradient kit was going to be Spectral, now I'll knit up Karma Chameleon because it's a girl's prerogative to change her mind.

I may have started out with one set of intentions and ended up with completely different result, but I did knit with most of what I picked up last year. I'm good with that.

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