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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tuesday Stitch and Chat

Eleanor made serious progress with her customfit knit with Kid Paillettes (Lace: 42% Mohair, 40% Polyester, 18% Silk, 136 yards). However, she was under one stitch. 

 While looking for it, I found a few random purl stitches on the right side.  

I used fix-a-stitch to ladder down change the stitches and ladder back up.

Rosie was inspired the customfit garments last week and chose Berroco Ultra Alpaca (Worsted: 50% Wool, 50% Alpaca, 215 yards) in a lavender shade and will join my customfit class next month.

She finished her first hat last week with yarn her mother-in-law bought her.  Today she swatched with Anzula For Better or Worsted (Worsted: Worsted: 80% Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon, 200 yards) for two more hats. This yarn is simply gorgeous.

Apres Vest did not work in the Brushed Fleece, the yarn broke when she worked the ruched stitch pattern. ;(

Trammi and Eleanor both wanted smaller projects to fill the gaps between larger projects.  Eleanor chose a skein of Yak yarn and a lace cowl.  

For Trammi, I found a pattern from a filtered search on Ravelry. She is going to cast on for the Hourglass Cowl with two skeins of Meadowcroft Dyeworks Paleo-Indian Woolens (Worsted: 100% Merino, 218 yards).

I love the dyeing of the Meadowcroft yarns.  I'm knitting a one skein scarf with the Paleo-Indian Woolens Worsted.

She decided to cast on for ZickZack scarf to learn how to carry colors every other two rows.

Allison was truly motivated to finish knitting her Kid Paillettes customfit sweater after seeing the progress that Eleanor made.

She also was swatching with North Star (Bulky: 92% Camelid - Alpaca, 8% Nylon, 109 yards) for the Burrow shawl.

The knitting needles are flying around here.

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