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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wednesday Stitch and Chat

Michelle is in finishing mode:

She was working the crocheted border on her sampler afghan in Cobasi (Light Fingering: 55% Cotton, 21% Nylon, 16% Bamboo, 8% Silk, 220 yards).

The of Paintbox afghan is done. It was knit with Cascade 220 Superwash (Worsted: 100% Wool, 220 yards).

She's ready to sew the Houston top in Berroco Origami (Worsted: 58% Acrylic, 16% Linen, 15% Nylon, 11% Cotton, 98 yards).

You know what all this finishing means don't you?  She's ready to swatch for her next project: two customfit summer sweaters.

One in Hempathy (DK: 41% Cotton, 34% Hemp, 25% Rayon, 153 yards) and 

one in Sublime Bamboo and Pearls (DK: 70% Bamboo, 30% Other, 104 yards).

Sunaina got sidetracked by the hem on the front of her Houston Top in Tahki Monet (Aran: 52% Cotton, 40% Acrylic, 8% Nylon, 60 yards).  

She was having trouble knitting the hem closed.We fixed the hem and now she's knitting the front. It makes me all kinds of happy that Michelle and Sunaina are knitting my design.

We looked over her Krazy Kurti sweater.

Her Reversible Striped Scarf in Jade Sapphire 6-ply (Worsted: 100% Cashmere, 150 yards) feels amazing!

Eileen joined us for the first time. She is knitting a baby dress for a granddaughter that's on the way and wanted help learning how to using double pointed needles.The sweater is knit in Cascade 128 Superwash (Bulky: 100% wool, 128 yards). I misplaced the note with the name of the pattern.  If you're interested, let me know and I'll find out.

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