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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Name that pattern

Could become a catchy song, don't you think? 

A month ago, a little friend of mine asked me for a scarf:
Me: "What color?"
Her: "Pink"(contented, off she runs.)
Me:  "Wait, do you want fringe?"Why I kept offering more options to a 3 y.o. I don't know.  I was happy to have her ask for something knit.
Her:  "Yes. Pink and rainbow. Can you make it now?"
Me: "I have to get the yarn first." (contented, off she runs.)

Since then, she picked out the yarn.  
 Here is the finished scarf,
 pink and rainbow all over.

I need a name for the pattern, please help me out by casting your vote:
1. Sugar & Spice
2. Girly Girl
3. Dots

Once I have a name, I'll post the pattern. 

The puppies have nothing to contribute to the process.
Puppies just hanging around ~ Tucker's wrapped himself in a towel.  Harry looks like he's drinking something, really it's one of those toys that you can stuff with dog treats.  Boris is supervising.


Anonymous said...

Just had to throw in my two cents for names.
Popcorn pizzaz
Confetti confection.

So if its too late for this one maybe for the next request:)

Love the puppy pics.
Harry looks like he needs an intervention:)

Anonymous said...

Dot Candy
Mini marshmallows


Ann said...

I guess I fell behind on the blog because I forgot about the 3rd puppy!


None of my reactions were flattering, dare I ask what yarn it is?

I like Popcorn Pizzazz. How about something like Joi De Verve? You know that French phrase about being full of life?

Anonymous said...

Girly Girl

I love your dogs!