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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wednesday's Stitch and Chat

 I can't believe how quickly Michelle finished her Jeweled Cowl.  She wanted to learn the bead as you go technique by way of seeing if she liked it. If she didn't ~ ok.  If she did ~ she has a new technique to add to her bag of knitting tricks.
 (S)he liked it, Hey Mikey! (Comment if you remember where that line is from.) The pictures don't do it justice.  The combination of the Malabrigo Lace, Indiecita colorway, and the beads she chose are magical. The picture on this post gives you a better feeling for the color play.
 Anna finished the neckline of her son's sweater.  She is in the process of sewing the sleeves/sides.  Anna told me that her friends teased her that it would take a couple of years for her to finish the sweater.  She certainly proved them wrong.  Anna is already thinking about another sweater for her son. The yarn she used is Mirasol Hacho and the pattern is from Bergere de France Men's V-Neck sweater, #7.  The pattern book is called Tricot Essentials Knitting Pattern Book 150.
  Mary has made more progress on her Bowties Scarf. We also played with some of her stash yarn to see what was weave-worthy.
Michelle started the second sleeve of her Cinnie sweater she is knitting in ONline Linie 12 Clip.  The stitch definition is fantastic.
Lauren was working on her Ribbed Lima Scarf.  The picture is an old one and doesn't do her progress justice.  She's knit at least twice the length showing. 

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