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Monday, November 19, 2012

Stitch and Chat

Joan has been playing with this crocheted ugg boot pattern for a week or two now.  She's still fairly new to crochet and loving it.  I am so impressed with the crochet patterns she takes on.  There are so many techniques that she learned by crocheting these booties: working in the round, front post crochet, and shaping.
Karine is modeling her gorgeous Miette sweater  knit with Pigeonroof Studios yarn.
She is reworking her son's vest.
Shirley finished her top down poncho, just in time for the cooler weather.
She brought out her English Mesh Lace scarf.  It just so happened I was wearing mine.  Mine is knit with Rowan Kid Silk Haze and she's knitting hers in Mirasol Nuna.
Mary finished knitting the cute little roll brim hat in the yarn that is dyed to match the little Twisted Sisters onesie.  She finished it right on time to bring to the baby shower.
This ribbon yarn, Tecido Trico,  has holes punched into one end at regular intervals.  You pull the yarn onto the needle through the holes to cast on and then knit by pulling the yarn through the stitches through the holes.

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