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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday's Stitch and Chat

 Michelle was looking for input on the optimal (baby) blanket size.  Never shy for offering our opinions, Lois and I agreed on approx 30-32" long.  She's knitting a feather and fan blanket in Pagewood Luxe Merino.
She finished the worsted weight (Knitcol) part of her Howlcat.  Unfortunately she is not loving the laceweight yarn she is using. There may be a change of yarn.
 Hoorah!!! Lois finished the body of her Gypsy Tank! The inspiration?  Finding a bag that matched.  Whatever it takes.  When I left her, she was finishing the bind off.  Yay!  She's free!
 Anna has finished the front and back of her son's sweater. It looks awesome! She gave us an interesting tip, if you fold your sweaters with newspaper it keeps it moth and crease free.  Something about the newsprint?  Worth a shot.

Lauren showed considerable dedication to her knitting since she was recovering from a concussion.  It makes for a handy excuse/reason for any knitting faux pas. 

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