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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday's Stitch and Chat

 Despite the fact that Michelle's granddaughter feels the blanket is "yung enough" (that's 3 year old for long enough), Michelle is going to make it longer.  Right now it measures 36" and she has 3 skeins left.  She gets approximately 6" out of each skein.  Ok, class, how much longer will the blanket be?
 Sunaina is determined to conquer knitting charts.  I admire her tenacity.  She has set up detailed excel spreadsheets and enlarged the chart (with color coding).  It is people like Sunaina who take the time to really write it all out and then make it available to the rest of the knitting public.  These supplements are incredibly helpful.  As one of the knitting public who is always grateful for these supplements, I thank you.
 Her Miley T is nearing completion.  This has become her mindless project.  She's going to modify the pattern slightly.  Instead of putting ribbing on the bottom, she is going to finish it more like a tunic with side vents.  I'm thinking of taking out the ribbing on mine and making it longer.  We both knit our T's in Silky Wool.
 Elizabeth is knitting the Linen Stitch Scarf in Claudia Hand Paints fingering.  I love her colors, they suit her perfectly.  This pattern is addicting.  She's considering making one for her husband.
Mary is revisiting her Summer Flies Shawl.  She's knitting it in Pagewood Verano cotton yarn. 

Lois has progressed to a new skein of yarn for her Gypsy tank and has 1-2" left of her never-ending sweater. 

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