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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Placenta Smoothies and Chicken Blood?

How we got on the topic of Placenta Smoothies and Chicken Blood may seem like a stretch for a knitting group; not ours though. Linda was relating a tv show she was watching (while knitting - that's how the story became applicable) that made the claim that consuming a smoothie made from the placenta can help with postpartum depression. Ewww, I can barely type that sentence without gagging. I did a google search and sure enough, it came up.

The chicken blood was Lois' contribution (figuratively of course); some cultures consume chicken blood.   Yup, that came up too.  You can look that one up yourself though. Thankfully we didn't dwell on those topics any further.  Really yucky.
 Elizabeth resumed swatching for her Rosalia sweater.  After two inches she wanted to be done with her swatch.  I measured it to see if she was heading in the right direction.  Turns out her gauge was too small.  This was a banner moment for Elizabeth who is forever knitting 2-4 needle sizes smaller than the pattern calls for.  She was able to go from a size 2 to 4. 
Linda is having a blast knitting her top down sweater with yarn from her mother's stash.  She is one happy camper.  She joined in the round and will soon be able to put the sleeves on stitch holders. 
Lois started knitting the Seaweed Scarf in KFI Luxury Silk.  That's right, no green Gypsy Tank this week.  There was a little issue with selective reading in the beginning that made her think about the Gypsy Tank. Seriously, though, the yarn is gorgeous and will work up beautifully in this pattern.
Mary started her Summer Flies Shawl for the Westport Yarns Knit-a-long.  She's knitting with Pagewood Verano, color #3065. 

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DEBRA said...

I can relate to interesting topics while knitting in a group. For example, a pregnant member can lead to reminiscences about episiotomies and lactation, mostly from knitters in their 50's or 60's. We often end up howling with laughter!