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Friday, May 18, 2012

How is this possible?

I'm working on a very easy drapey vest in Tahki Ripple.  The yarn does all the work and it's awesome.  I love this yarn.  When I sat down to knit this morning, the piece measured about 31".  I needed to reach 32" before the next phase of the vest.

I put in a stitch marker and knit what I thought would be 1" more.  I laid it out, measured and lo and behold it was still 31".  Seriously?  How is this possible?
I knit some more, so now about 3" for the 1" I needed to continue and yes, it STILL measured 31".  It boggles my mind.  I know this happens to other people and it's happened to me before. It still is a mystery.
So, I'll keep knitting 1" more to reach the 32" until I actually reach 32".  Then, watch, it will measure 36".  You'll hear my scream if that happens. 


knitting central said...

sometimes, if you are measuring a garment made with a yarn like this on a carpet, fabric chair, etc, it grabs to that differently each time you lay it out. it can stretch or not each time you lay it down and that is why the measurements don't seem to change.

try laying it on a wood or glass table-something it can not grab onto. that might work better. when measuring each time, only measure it on this surface. let me know how it goes.

knitting central said...

sometimes, when you use a yarn like this and you are measuring the piece on a carpet or fabric chair or couch, it can grab onto that surface differently each time you lay it down. that is why you can knit a bit and not see a difference in the measurement. it can stretch itself out a bit one time and not the next

try laying the piece on a wood or glass table. you should have much better results because it can't grab onto to anything. use this surface each time you measure. let me know how it goes.