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Thursday, March 1, 2012

I need a plan for the yarn

I have this gorgeous skein of Abstract Fibers, Alto.  392 yards of dk weight-ish yarn. In honor of the trunk show we are having at Westport Yarns this Saturday, I want to begin knitting with this skein.  It is totally out of my color comfort box and I love it all the same.

I've found two patterns that are a possibility.  Sleeveheart or Casu Cowl.  Please weigh in with your choice and feel free to post a different pattern option.



Anonymous said...

I'm suggesting Casu Cowl. I think it will be great! Plus it's nice to knit outside of your comfort zone (stilll LOVING my green cowl you suggested for me).

Estella said...

My new favorite one - especially for variegated yarns is Willow Cowl.

Anonymous said...

I vote for cash cowl

Ann said...

I think I like the Casu Cowl better.

And I did think, "Those aren't her colors" when I first saw it. But there are wee flashes of purple in there.
It's a good change of pace.