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Monday, January 30, 2012

Westport Yarns Knitting Retreat - Part One

This weekend marked Westport Yarns first Knitting Retreat. We held it at Mohonk Mountain House. In a word, Outstanding. This place is beautiful and super special in it's own right. Add knitting and a great group of people, and you've got a weekend paradise. No responsibilities other than relaxing, maybe a spa treatment, excellent food, and knitting by the fireplace.
This was the view of the lake from my room.  See that chair in the bottom left-hand corner?  That was a rocking chair.  It was too cold for me to sit out there, however it looked amazing.  My neighbor in the next room was bundled up reading outside. 
Personally, I did not have any spa treatments.  Maybe next time.  I found this wonderful library where I put down roots for the weekend.  Great comfy chairs and wonderfully quiet.
This was the view from my chair in the library, it's of the fountain outside in the courtyard.
I taught a class on Laura Nelkin's Butin Collar later in the morning.
The food was included in the room-rate.  The Culinary Institute, nearby, keeps the resort staffed with excellent chefs.  The food was outstanding.  When I saw the dessert table at lunch, my eyes bugged out!  I had to try a little of the ones that appealed to me the most.  No, I did not eat everything on my plate.  I ate half of it and knit very fast the rest of the day to burn it off.
After lunch Lois and I went in search of other cozy places to knit.  We found the game room and played an energetic game of ping pong.  I'm sure I haven't played ping-pong in many, many years.  It was a hoot.  Yes, hoot.  That's the word to describe it.
Back to the library again.  This was Lois' and my favorite spot.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about the Local Flavor Expo.


knitting central said...

you are both sitting in my favorite knitting position. sounds like a great weekend. glad you enjoyed

Ann said...

Looks fab.

Knitting does burn calories, so that sounded like a good plan for managing dessert!