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Friday, December 16, 2011

I had an early haircut appointment today and when I went into the changing room I saw this beautiful green sweater that could only be handmade.
I sneaked a peak to see if there was a manufacturer label and to look at the seams.  Shameless, I know.  There was only one other sweater in the changing room.  That narrowed the options.

When I came out of the dressing room I nearly accosted the woman standing in the waiting area.  I asked her if she knit the green sweater. She said she hadn't and that she was just a beginner.  We realized that I had helped her once at the store. 

Joanne, the owner of the salon, motioned me over to get my hair washed.  I was scanning the salon for the owner of the green sweater.  I was like a hunting dog on the scent.  I was on a mission.

Aha!  I found her!  There by her side was one of Laura's project bags.  Gotcha!  I practically accosted her.  I asked her if she knit the green sweater.  She said she had.  I quickly barraged her with questions. Where was the yarn from?  Spirit Trail Fiberworks.  Did she remember the pattern?  Bel Air by Ann Hansen (wow, I can't believe I remember that from this morning).  I immediately felt relieved to find the knitter and learn about the sweater.  I complimented her on the beautiful knitting she had done and apologized for interrupting her quiet time.

When I related this story to my husband, he shook his head at me and declared that I have a problem.  Nahhh, It's what us knitters/crocheters do.


MamaBearKnits (aka Lisa) said...

I'm famous, blush. Betsy R alerted me to your post. I did not feel accosted, knitters like to talk about their knitting and be complimented! Thank you!

knitting central said...

i love your sleuthing techniques. so proud of you! it really is a beautiful color and fiber. you will be seeing more of this color right through to next fall. i am calling it the Diane Von Firstenberg Green. what do you think?

Ann said...

It does look like very nice work.

That's funny that she had one of Laura's bags. Made her easier to identify as a knitter!