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Thursday, October 6, 2011

This Week's Stitch and Chats

How happy is Robin?!
She finished her first pair of socks and they came out great!
She even put Regia ABS Latex on the sole to make them non-slip.
For her next trick she is going to learn how to knit them cuff down, magic loop.
Elizabeth is planning on knitting an afghan with all these colors. She laid them all out on the table. The picture above shows our first collective effort. We weren't really happy with it as it looked too mellow on the right.
Next we mixed up the lights and darks and felt better about it.
She finished these cute socks for her grandson.
Mary found this McCall's Needlework pattern book dating back to 1970! It had knitting, crochet, and needlepoint.
The ads and and photos are just priceless!
Mary liked this pattern especially because the yarn they call for is Orlon. That's of special significance because Robin was gifted a skein of Orlon. Since none of us could remember ever seeing a yarn with Orlon we were curious how far back it would have dated. We have an answer, at least to 1970.
I have pictures of my mother with a very similar hair style - not the skirt though.
Mary knit a Simple & Easy baby hat in Classic Elite Sprout, a bulky cotton. It was cute and soft.
Michelle got a bit off stitch count with Ishbel. Several recounts and a few misplace yarn overs later, she was back in the game.
I got an email with this picture this morning! I'm 7 rows behind her.

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