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Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Update

I had a lovely weekend off and focused on two projects. On Thursday I brought in all my hexagons for the Crocheted Summer Bag class at Westport Yarns. Beth, Laura, and Margaret helped me lay them out so that the colors were evenly distributed.

I pinned them together so that I could roll up the lot of them and sew them later.
We discussed different ways of joining them and effects they would have on the final appearance. We settled on a single crochet seam worked on the wrong side through the back loops (which became the loops facing me when it was wrong side facing). The end result (pictured above) would appear seamless.
This picture shows the single crochet seam on the "wrong side". I showed this to Noreen tonight at the Monkey Sock class and asked her how she felt about my making the wrong side the right side. She totally agreed (which I appreciated). I like the way the single crochet seam stands out and outlines the hexagons. Using the red, which originally was because I had the most left over, worked out to be a good color to tie it all together.
The other project I've been working on is the Radian Yoke Sweater. I always get a little nervous as I near the end of the yoke. It seems so huge that I feel sure that the size won't be right. I know it's because the yoke includes the sleeves. Until I can try it on though, it makes me a little nervous. I threw in a lifeline and tried it on. The fit was good and I'm knitting on.


knitting central said...

the crochet hexagons are beautiful. i think you should leave it as is and make it a runner or a throw on a couch.

Ann said...

Wow! Lovely hexagons. Great colors. Both sides look good, too back you can't make it reversible.