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Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Update

I had the weekend off and made the most of it!
I'm back on track with my Ming Jacket by Doris Chan. The yoke is complete plus I've joined the armholes. It looks uneven because it was swinging a bit when I took the picture. I'm letting it hang there for a couple of days to see if it grows any before I get to the waist. Thankfully this time around crocheting the yoke, it went smoothly.
I've got a design in process, the yarn is Rapport from Prism. I'm liking how it's coming out. You'll have to wait till it's done for more details. ;)
My Nimbus sweater is nearly done, its sewn up and the ends are mostly woven in. What's missing is the collar and a big fat button. Nice of mother nature to cooperate and provide cooler weather so that I get one wear out it before tucking it away.

Huh, while getting the link for the sweater, I noticed that on one image of the sweater, they used a shawl pin to close it. Well now, if I don't find the perfect button - that's what I'll be doing!

The yarn is Manos del Uruguay. I'm happy with how it came out once I decided to alternate every two rows with the two different dyelots I had. It looks totally even throughout, like it was dyed that way.
I am swatched and ready now that Nimbus is almost done. One stash project done - one stash project ready to go. I've had the Bella Paquita by Marnie MacLean in my queue for a long time. The yarn is Berroco Touche that I bought while visiting in Florida last year. I'm excited to start it, the construction looks kind of unique. Check it out.

Here is a youtube video that could have easily been my house if you changed the dog names. I had to share it, it's really well done.

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