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Monday, February 14, 2011

Wednesday's Stitch and Chat

Lois was about 5" into the 7" garter border and really wanted to be done. I can't say I blame her it's a very long and tedious going. After we looked at the pattern picture to see how the front border looked, she decided to persevere and finish the last 2". It looks awesome in the Noro Kureyon.
Elizabeth finished her top down coat that she designed after she saw this picture in a magazine.
Very well done, don't you think?

Sandra has completed her second felted bag. This one is bigger than she is!

Her next project is a teddy bear from the book "The Best Dresed Knitted Bears".

Elaine worked on her Basic Entrelac scarf for the class she is taking with me at Westport Yarns.

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