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Saturday, September 25, 2010

This Week's Stitch and Chats

Robin got into the cable pattern of the Vogue Early Fall (#2) Cropped Jacket she's knitting in Malou yarn. I'm loving Robin doing all these cables mixed with seed stitch.
Elizabeth tried on her top down coat to see how it was fitting and it just needed to be a little longer to give the right armhole depth. It won't take much more knitting before she puts the sleeves on holders and continues on with the body of the sweater.
Mary came in wearing her Berroco sweater knit in Seduce. It looks really cute. She added a contrasting crocheted ruffle and crocheted around the neck and sleeves. For all the trouble the Seduce yarn gave her, the sweater came out really well.

The big gray sweater is a hoodie she's making for one of her sons. She's working on the ribbing around the edge of the hood so I expect this one will be done (and maybe gifted) by the next time I see Mary. We tweaked the sweater a bit to make it longer in the body and a wider neckline. The yarn is Encore Chunky and the pattern is from Lion Brand.
Margarita finished her "Overdyed Ragg Scarf" by Nancy Shroyer in Minnow Merino yarn. It's a fun colorblock scarf. What I like best about the scarf was that at first Margarita wasn't sure she was going to finish it because the stitch pattern was hard. Then she went home and worked at it and Voila!

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