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Friday, August 20, 2010

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Rarely is the talk about the knitting we are doing and if it is, it's only long enough to get back on track. Today was no different. We had a very informative and animated chat about the old fashioned stores that fit you for bras. Yes, bras. The place to go is apparently the Town Shop in New York City. This post has no name, because putting bras in the post title could definitely bring a different kind of reader ;) .
Lois and Diane are both working on scarves knit in the horseshoe lace pattern (one of my all time favorites). The yarn on the left is cotton and on the right Rowan Lima - totally different results. They did learn that this isn't really a pattern you can talk and knit (and listening to the conversation around you can pose challenges too.)
Abby finished the back of her baby sweater. She's loving the color combinations of Torino Bulky that she's using. The pattern is from Lynn Wilson Designs, Striped Baby Sweater. A great pattern for beginners and experienced knitters.
Mary is done knitting her Berroco Seduce tank and wants to make it a little longer. We're going to look at different crocheted edges to add length.
Berroco Seduce defies staying wound into center pull skeins or hand rolled balls. To keep the yarn contained, Mary has relegated them to a Tupperware. That will teach them to get unruly.
Linda (who is knitting her first pair of booties) can now see the shape of the first bootie. A very rewarding moment.
Sherry and I compared our Tunisian Crocheted scarves. Mine is worked up in Prism Manhattan and hers is done in Trendsetter Gavi.
She plans on starting the "Magnificent Mantle" in Minnowknits Minnow Merino.
Sherry finished her Shell Game vest. Again, so many different color combinations.
Robin is ready to start the hood on her second Wallaby.
She is revisiting the Double wrap cowl by Coco knits that she's knitting in Tweedy Alpaca.
Michelle decided to make this pattern for several holiday gifts. Seemed simple enough, and the knitting is. However, when you are used to being careful not to twist when joining in the round - deliberately twisting seems very contrary. Danni twisted it, and after a few row it was untwisted, next me, then Jane. Fourth time was a charm. The only thing we can figure was after the first row of the join, maybe Michelle righted the twist out of habit. It's a mystery. At least now it's twisted. The yarn is Lang yarns Jawoll Magic and the pattern is free with purchase of the yarn.

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