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Sunday, July 4, 2010

At Loose Ends

This week I finished 3 big projects. My Not Just Plain Jane "Lacey hooded cowl". I've given this to the finisher at Westport Yarns for blocking. Quite frankly, I didn't want to block the lace in the round and Judy does an amazing job.
I also finished the Not Just Plain Jane "Renaissance Poncho" in Debbie Bliss Prima (Bamboo). This I blocked myself. Yes, I know it's in the round too. I got nothing, this one just seemed easier to block and it was.
I finished a new design, a stole/scarf/shrug named "Go with the Flow". It's knit in Be Sweet Bamboo, which was an absolute pleasure to knit with. This pattern will be available shortly. Danni is going to proof/test it for me.

That was a long introduction to the fact that now I am at loose ends (pun intended). I am totally captivated by Doris Chan's new book "Crochet Lace Innovations". There are several things in there that I want to crochet.
This is the Melisande Vest in Broomstick lace.

This is the Ming Jacket.

I realized that I have several projects lurking about that I feel the need to finish. At least a couple of them before embarking on another garment. Plus, I'm going to take Jane's Starry Night Shawl class coming up. (It's not on the calendar, so if you're interested, it starts Tuesday, July 13th - call the store for more details 203-454-4300).

I'm not as excited about these as I was when I started them. Now it feels like finishing dinner so I can have dessert. So now you know what I'll be working on over the holiday. I think I'll swatch for the crochet garments so I know I'm ready to start.

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