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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Delays

Thing #2 got a snow delay today and doesn't know it yet (still sleeping). Somehow snow delays and snow days seem like found time. Mind you, the snow delay doesn't change my schedule in the least: woke up the same time. Actually earlier - what's with the school calling me with an automated message about the delay? In the olden days you had to find this out for yourself the hard way - news radio, TV, neighbors, calling and checking. Anyway, dogs need tending to - same time, etc. Somehow a hush falls over the morning and it feel different. Even the dogs were more mellow.

Boris has his blankie.
Winkie has assumed his natural napping pose.
So, back to knitting. I was reading the Yarn Harlot (while purling back on the "purple people eater shawl" and she wrote about this great idea of making kits with yarn she had in her stash. Specifically sock yarn and made kits with the intention of knitting a pair of socks a month.

Here is what she said: "I got 12 big Ziplocs, and in each one I put everything I need to make those socks. If the pattern was in a book I photocopied it, if it was a download I printed it, if if was a pattern I had to buy, I bought it. Then I went through the stash and figured out what should go with what - then I sealed up all 12 and put them away on a shelf in my office cupboard, promising myself that I would knit one pair a month, drawn at random. Some men's socks, some ladies, some lace, some cable... at the end of the year I'd have 12 pairs of socks (at least) and have made a serious dent in my sock needs."

I really like this idea. I'm not going to limit it to socks though. I'll mix it up - socks, shawls, accessories like scarves/hats/gloves, and throw in a sweater for good measure. That may end up with more than 12 projects - but, hey, they'll be ready to go at a moments notice. What's more, is I get to play with my yarn. Within that will be mindless projects and challenging projects.

I love having a plan. Especially when it involves yarn/knitting/organizing. My mind has been wandering a little (on the purl rows - I'm just saying...) to what I want to work on next.

Well, I was going to begin the next pattern row - however - it's time to wake up Thing #2.

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cynthia said...

i agree. putting everything in a bag and having it ready makes it a lot more approachable when you walk past your stash. i did the same thing last year and i think it's time to do the "walk thru" once more. after packaging everything up, (don't forget the mini chibi for dropped sts any stitch markers or holders you will need), take a good look at what is left.

this is the time to really reflect on the yarn you have left. if there are yarns you no longer like or think will work with the project in mind, please think about packaging them up and getting them to your local senior home, teen center, temple, church, etc. there are so many people that can really use yarn and so many others that let their stash sit for years, but will never be used. so.. the first step is pulling your projects together. thanks for the reminder pam.