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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mary and I conquered the cocoon yarn. (Sounds like the title of a thriller.)

We searched Ravelry to see what other people had done and found that several people had left very useful notes as to how to succeed with this yarn. When I stare at this yarn, I feel like the cocoons are going to start moving. Creepy.
Mary sewed this adorable flowered ribbon onto Michelle's bear for the neckline. She added a ribbon bow to the ear for an added touch. The final result is even more adorable. I definitely want to make one now.
Mary was also working on a crocheted scarf with Mission Falls Cotton. It's made up of 2 different crocheted flowers that are linked to the flower before it when completing the final round.
Last week Elizabeth remarked how she had yet to piece together the squares from her Ravelry square exchange. Every month a pattern square would be assigned and you had to knit one for the people assigned to you. (Elizabeth, correct me if I have this mixed up). She ended up in each month with 2 that she worked and 2 that she received. So she is making blocks of 4 to represent each Month. Then she'll position them and sew them altogether. She was doing a meticulous job of sewing them together and gets kudos for finishing such a project.
Here are the first 2 completed cable pieced for the Braided Cowl from Vogue Holiday '09. Michelle is knitting it in the Buffalo Lux Yarn. She's going to block out the cable width to show off how nice they look.

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