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Friday, November 6, 2009

Long Term Parking

At the end of either the winter or the summer I take works in progress and put them in long-term parking. When the season rolls around again I take them out with full intentions of finishing them.
This summer I finished the "Alexa" vest by Debbie Bliss sweater that I knit in Stella; it had been in long-term parking for 2 years. I did not finish the white short sleeved sweater that will now be going on it's 3rd year. I still really like the pattern, I just get distracted by new yarn/patterns.
At the end of last winter I put away this Lace Cardigan pattern from S. Charles Collezione, Fall/Winter 2008. I'm knitting it in Ritratto and Kamelsoft.
It will make a great holiday sweater - although what holiday I'm not sure. Sort of depends on when I finish it. The holiday may be "Yay, I finished it".
As I'm writing this I realize that I have the Squiggle Scarf pattern from Crochet Inspiration to pick up again. The squiggles are crocheted in Kid Silk Haze. It's been in parking so long, I can't remember what the green yarn is.
Winkie is not impressed with my good intentions.

1 comment:

Ann said...

Maybe Winkie is upset that all this work on old projects is taking attention away from him?
I know Samson and Baru often feel that way. Why pet yarn when you can pet a fluffy puppy, they tell me.