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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Robin finished her Elegant Ornament from her class with Lynn Wilson at Knitting Central. I'm really impressed with it, it's lovely.
She brought in her stash (a largeish Ziploc and small tote bag, sigh - I don't even remember when my stash was portable). She's going to knit a Flap Happy hat for her grandson.
Much to the dismay of Mary, Michelle is well into her second Bobbi Bear. This one is knit in Muench My Family and she took it down a needle size. We all agreed it looked better with the tighter tension.

She finished her K1B scarf in Road to China, a beautiful and soft yarn with fantastic colors. I'm thinking neckwarmer. The K1B scarf is part of a series I'm teaching at Knitting Central based on the book by Elise Duvekot, Knit One Below.

Mary, always up for a knit-a-long is going to knit herself a Flap Happy Hat in Mango Moon's Nirvana yarn.
Diane is absolutely loving her Blue Sky Alpacas "Family Pullover" knit in Rowan Lima. This is definitely one of my favorites so far of the new fall yarns. The "hand" of the yarn is indescribable. You've got to see it and feel it.
I finished my Pinwheel sock, it was so much fun to knit. I loved working with 2 colors of Koigu and the fit of the pinwheel heel is really good. Makes me want to do that heel on other socks! This sock is going to be a class in October.

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