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Friday, August 7, 2009

She wants me to knit her something!

My ever fashion conscious daughter did her reconnaissance for fall fashions and found that sweater coats in style. I subtly asked if there was anything she might like me to knit her. She commented that she likes the duster on the mannequin in Knitting Central. JACKPOT. Not only that, she likes the yarn it comes in too.

The pattern is from Loop-d-Loop by Teva Durham Volume 4, the Duster Vest, knit in Quartz.

Yay! A new project to start.

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knittingcentral said...

this sweater coat, worked up in Quartz, looks good on everyone that has tried it on in the store. i am sure it is going to look amazing on "daughter #1". can't wait to see what color she picks out

we have also had so many people make our shrug in this fiber. it has just the slightest bit of twinkle to it.