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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Robin's working the ruffles on her Mac & Me Silk Alpaca Ruffle Scarf in Blue Sky Alpaca & Silk. On the second short end you're supposed to work 4 rows of garter, but that leaves you on a wrong side row to begin the ruffle pattern. She worked 3 rows of garter instead and it looked fine.
Her blanket in Berroco Comfort Worsted is coming along nicely. I like the way the varigated nature of the yarn works with the pattern.
Lois is in the home stretch of her seed stitch neckwarmer. She picked out a beautiful Moving Mud button to go with it. She's come away from this project with two things, 1. She does not want to do seed stitch again and 2. she's not read for a garment yet.
That being said, she picked out Mano del Uruguay, Semana, and Be Sweet Knobby ball to knit Lynn Wilson's Sea Glass Felted Bag. This is one of my favorite patterns. I've made it twice. The other bag can be viewed on Flickr.
This bag was knit with Cascade 220 in 4 colors and several novelty yarns.
Michelle, who has taken Mary's bear under her wing, finished the body. It no longer looks like scarface. The bear is knit in Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton.
Here is an classic example of what happens when I don't pay attention. I was helping Linda attach the sleeves (on her third wallaby), got caught up in the conversation, and "ta da'! What is wrong with this picture!
Take Two - much improved.

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